Tuesday, July 13, 2004

the journey begins...

This July marks the third year of our journey down the unfortunate autism path we've been placed upon. I feel ten years older and infinitely stupider than when we first started. With this autism thing, the more you learn, the less you know!
So many more parents know so much more than me about how to try to conquer this thing. I'm struggling just to keep up and, frankly, to keep my sanity. It helps to talk with other parents, but when their kids are doing so much better than mine (and many are), it's just depressing. But, I'm committed to at least trying to keep a positive attitude.
 What are the options? Wallow in self pity? That gets me nowhere and my son definitely doesn't benefit from that either. My advice--find a mentor that you can follow and hope for the best. Keep your wits about you and keep learning and hoping.

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