Wednesday, March 09, 2011

It's time to put down your pencils.

I often have to write stories to communicate with my son.  I hate this.  It would be more accurate, I guess, to say that I resent this.  But then I've been fighting against this autism thing forever.

You'd think I'd enjoy it more, after all, I have enjoyed writing for a long time.  (Well, not "writing" like Mark Twain writing, but I enjoy crafting a turn of phrase or two.)

Here's an example of something I've had to put together to communicate with Conor.

Notice I did NOT say it was ok to attack the teacher with a pencil. No, Conor, that did not make this list of appropriate things to do when upset. So stop doing it.


anilia said...

I really like this. It seems so smart and clear. Do these stories help?

Alisa Rock said...

Do they help? Hmmm. Well, for Conor, they are great tools for explaining new situations. Like, Mommy and Aidan are going on a trip and Daddy will be here to take care of you! Or, you're going to a new camp this year, how fun!

But, honestly, I've never seen it made a dent in his behaviors. I think his brain just gets so jacked up, that he can't access the calming items even if he could remember them.