Friday, July 06, 2012

What's In That Brain Of Yours?

Sometimes I wonder what's going on in Conor's head.  Well, more than just sometimes, I suppose. Most of the time.

We all come at life's experiences from our own perspective, so I thought I would sit down with Conor and see if I could figure out what his perspective might be on The Big Power Outage.

Would he talk about his angst?  He certainly expressed it at every opportunity during the experience. Would I have a glimmer of how he remembered it? How he processed it?

I wasn't too successful.  His answers are short. Brief without being concise. Not truly illuminating, sad to say.  (Sad for me, I mean.)

He answered my questions, factually anyway.  Nothing more. Just the facts, ma'am.

A storm. The lights out. A visit to my parents.  A motorcycle ride or two. (My dad has a Harley.) His cousin makes a brief mention.

I would have made it longer, but he insisted on 2 minutes, 45 seconds.  Hey, the Director can't argue with the talent. We survived the severe storm (technically called a derecho), but we still are coping with the after-effects.

Technically, I think it's pronounced da-RAY-cho.


Jean said...

I love the time limit!
The horror of that power outage will stay with you for a loooong time XXX

Alisa Rock said...

You're not kidding. I feel like a whole week has been sucked into some wicked vortex that we're still climbing out of. Do you know some people in the next county over lost their power AGAIN today?

Unknown said...

I love the video. Alisa what a great blog. Pain, humor, terrific parenting and some wine now and then.
You survivied!!

Alisa Rock said...

Survived? Is it over?