Tuesday, January 01, 2013

One More Day. Sort of.

No school for the past eleven and 1/2 days for my son with autism. (No school for 14 days for my typical kid, but then again, who's counting?)

Four of those days spent traveling to see extended family--shooo-wee, ain't that going to be a future blog post or two.

He goes to school tomorrow, but it's an early dismissal day.  Then a neurology appointment in the afternoon. Finally, on Thursday, my typical kid goes back to his school and Conor has a full day as well. (Until 2:30pm, so a full school day but not a full day, if you catch my drift, if you feel me, as it were.)

So, on Thursday, I will have moved from my spot in the bedroom corner where I have been quietly whimpering and picking at my cuticles to under the snowy white down comforter on my bed, where I will sleep and sleep and sleep.  Only to get up and walk the dog.  Then sleep some more.

That's the plan anyway.

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