Friday, March 04, 2011


At his 12th birthday party, Conor received a wonderful gift—a set to play badminton (minus the net).  This gift was thoughtful in every way. Lightweight and ok for indoors. (It's still cold!) He has to be social to do it.  Works fine and gross motor skills.  Promotes verbal exchange (way to go, almost, your turn!). Turn taking.  Hand/eye coordination. Eye contact. Awesome. He loves it.  Awesome.

Shuttlecock.  (giggle)

“What’s that called?” asked Conor.

Me:  “Racquet.”

“That is…,” queried Conor, pointing to the shuttlecock.

Me: (giggle) "shuttlecock"

I know, it’s juvenile and immature.  I just can’t help it.  Every time I say the word “shuttlecock”… the appropriate name for the thing-a-ma-jiggy that you bat back and forth in badminton… I giggle.

Conor:  “This is a shutcock.”

Me: (giggle) “It’s called a …shuttlecock, Conor.  Shuttlecock.”

Conor:  “This is a shutc…”, eyes focused right on mine.  (Great eye contact!)  

Me:  (giggle giggle) “Shuttlecock.”

I just know the next time he plays with his grandmother, he’s going to yell out, “This is the SHUTTLECOCK!”

Hee hee.

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