Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dull women have clean houses, or so I'm told.

Look at this kitchen. It's so clean. And neat. It calms me just to stare at it. This couple has 4 children and a house in England that is a bajillion square feet on 23 acres of land. They own a successful I.T. company. This is code for: they have more money than god but not Bill Gates.

They converted the ballroom into a Lego room. What kid with autism wouldn't love a room full of Legos? (Well, my kid isn't into Legos, but this toy is Legend amongst many in the autism community.)

Five architects later, they have the house of their dream. (I know, five architects, it's so tough to find great help these days.)

Yes, I know they picked up the kids toys for the article profiling their English estate in The New York Times Style Magazine Design Spring April 3, 2011 issue. I'm sure they have dishes with 3 day old cheese crusted on them in the sink, just like me.

This is my son's room.

You can see just by this one picture how cluttered his bedroom is.  You might think he wouldn't notice if one tiny thing was removed, but oh believe me, he notices.

(I'm the Orioles fan, in case you're wondering.  My husband loves the Red Sox.)

I always wonder...  is Conor's mind as cluttered as his bedroom?


Valerie said...

My mother always says, "it might look like a mess to you, but I know where EVERYTHING is!" I like to think Ryan's mind is like that to. A mess to everyone else but him - he knows just how it works.

Valerie said...

PS - my house is a complete and utter mess, but it is also an account of the amount of time we spend with our kids and not spent cleaning up...

Alisa Rock said...

I can't find anything in my house, and it's not even that messy! Sigh.