Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Golf. Yawn.

I don't understand why men and women talk endlessly about golf and putts and chipping and the shots they've made as if they are high school love conquests.  

It's not like someone's throwing a hard ball at your head going 95 miles an hour (baseball).  You don't run a marathon each time you play (soccer).  

Unless someone hits a really bad shot, nothing's going to be hit by a stick and rocketed back into your mouth, knocking out your front teeth or breaking your nose (hockey). 

(Although my brother-in-law did almost lose an eye playing golf, which prompted multiple "It's all fun and games until you get an eye poked out" jokes. He got smacked with an errant shot off a tree.  Freak accident.)

You can't drown (open water swimming) or be seriously physically injured (horseback riding).  You don't have a 400 lb man coming at you whose sole purpose is to knock you flat on your keister (football).  I guess basketball's pretty safe, but I wouldn't want to see 250lbs of the Shaq Attack coming down on my head after a rebound.
See, it IS possible to think of things other than autism.  Or your kid with autism.  When your child with autism is on a locked unit with 30 people trained to support him, yes, my dear, yes you can.

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