Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Anxiety Morning of the Autie Mom

Oh my god oh my god I’m having a total anxiety attack this morning because the social story I’ve worked on for hours and hours yesterday isn’t printing out correctly even though it looks fine on the page and I’m travelling with Conor to Florida for four days starting on Saturday and I have to pack everything and what if I forget something (flax seed) and I have to take the dog to the kennel (confirm kennel) and go to the grocery store and take his brother to my mothers and then we get back for a day and a half and get Aidan and then drive to Connecticut for four days and what if I forget something like the basketball Easter basket or the iPad (charger) or the boarding passes and Conor has a tantrum (oh god what if we sit on the tarmac for hours and hours) don’t forget to pack the bathing suits and the goggles and the rice milk (sweet potato) and I have to write another social story this time about the new iTouch protocol but the first one about the calendar isn’t even working and I have to go to three stores to return things from Christmas and I have to do it now because soon it will be too late and they won’t accept the returns because it’ll be past the 90 day cut off return date and Aidan has guitar lessons this Wednesday, next Wednesday, and I have to take the frogs back to the school since we didn’t kill them over spring break thank god and Conor’s got to go to the pediatrician for a follow-up to the follow-up after the NBU discharge and I’ve got to pay the bills and follow up on my emails and the strategic planning committee and the taxes oh no April 15th is coming up soon and I haven’t even started getting the information together to file an extension and don’t forget to stop the newspapers and I’ve forgotten something I just know it.

Deep breaths, deep breaths.

Do you think I have time for a pedicure?

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