Friday, August 24, 2012

Two More Days! TWO MORE DAYS!

Two more days until school starts.  Boy, what a summer it has been.  We've been so busy, I haven't even had time to write much. Mea maxima culpa.  This summer has been so FUN!

Look, here I am jet-skiing.  Boy, that waterproof mascara really does the trick!

Oh, and here I am getting ready to head out on my dad's boat for some sun and fun with the kids!
(It was a little cool in the water, so I opted for the neck-to-ankle wet suit. 
Not sure if silver is my color.  I'm more comfortable with the basic black.)

And then, you won't believe this, but we headed to the beach for a little R&R. 
Boy, it just doesn't get any better than THIS!

I have totally been working out. 
Fine, I'm sucking in my stomach here. I've had two kids, cut me a break.

Ok, ok, so summer with Conor hasn't exactly been, well, relaxing.  Or fun.  It's been exhausting. Taxing. (No, seriously, we wound up having to pay some taxes over the summer. I know, what?) Somewhat discouraging at times.  Things didn't always go as planned, despite all my... planning. Conor had his ups and downs. Then his downs had downs.  Then some small ups and a few more downs.

You get the picture.

Cross my heart, my husband just took snapped this pic of me today.  
I told him it wasn't my best side, but he took it anyway.


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