Monday, February 27, 2012

Pondering The Imponderable

Sometimes Conor asks the most profound questions.  It's amazing, really. Days go by, sometimes even months, and we'll hear only sentences that start with the words "I want". 

I want a Demi Lovato music CD.  I want to set the table.  I want to play shark.  I want to play the Wii. Conor wants to go to Whole Foods. You want to download a song. (He still mixes up his pronouns and refers to himself in the third person sometimes. We've been working on this... forever.)

I want, I want, I want, I want.
Yet, once in awhile, my son will bust out with a question that simply blows my mind.
"Mom?" he piped up from the backseat today in his singsong falsetto. We were on our way home from a session at Kennedy Krieger, where we were practicing the art of chillaxin'. (They're teaching him Relaxation Techniques. You know, to "help with the hitting" as he calls it.)

I guess he had a lot of time to ponder the ways of his world.
"Yes, sweetie?" I replied, expecting a question about his upcoming outing or a request for sweet potato for dinner.  Again.
"Mom?" he repeated.  "Why does Conor have to put the seat up when you pee and then put the seat back down?"
Well, Conor, it's like this...


Jean said...

Kids definitely ask the best questions...and as for autie kids, well...'nuff said XXX

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