Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What? I Have A Little What On My Face?

Well, in the interest of full disclosure, I feel that I have to admit something.  I hate having egg on my face, unless, of course, it's part of some sort of exotic facial treatment to make me look 23 years old again.  But, it must be done.

Last Friday, I was in a lather about a letter we received concerning our application for state funds. These funds would help support Conor when he becomes an adult.  I was like a little yippee chihuahua foaming at the mouth and spinning in circles about the eligibility portion of the process.

Yeah, that's me.  Except I was foaming at the mouth.
I was like a Chihuahua Macchiato

Anyway, the very nice lady (who I had to call twice, ahem) interpreted the government-speak for me.  (They really need to teach that as a second language in high schools.  At least a January term in college.) 

She gently reminded me that she had mentioned in the interview that the letter might be confusing.  I suppose I was too enamored with her compliments about my organizational and photocopying ability to remember.

They weren't saying Conor didn't have a developmental disability.  They were  saying that he was too young for one category of services, but that he WAS eligible for other (lighter) services (and sorry, there's no state money for that category now so you're out of luck).  And they can't say they don't serve children, because they do, but only children in the most urgent crisis and that, thankfully, is not us. I should call back if we do fall into a crisis situation, but, otherwise, work with school personnel when he turns nineteen.

Well, why didn't they just say that?

Maybe they should have a box you can check that says--

While they're working on it, they could add a box that says--

And maybe they could have a disclaimer:


So the next time I apply for some government services (if there IS a next time), I will sit down and meditate for a few minutes before I actually try to read the information.

But I'm not wrong to worry.  I hope you had a giggle at my expense (I certainly meant for you to), but the waiting list for services for individuals with developmental disabilities is long.  Longer than the lines at Disney World in June, ladies and gentlemen.   Read on while I go wipe my face off.

From The Arc of Maryland web site:
What is the Waiting List?
 This list consists of 16,000 individuals with developmental disabilities who are eligible for Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) Community Services Waiting List but for whom services are not available. Community Services include residential, day habilitation, employment, family and individual supports. To read more about the Waiting List and the efforts to get funding, visit The Arc of Maryland's website Be counted - Sign the Waiting List & Youth Transitioning Petition today!

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